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Do you like the event?

Do you like the medals event?  

60 members have voted

  1. 1. Obtaining medals

    • It is good because I can leave two of my computers on for the whole night
    • It could be improved by giving the medals by .vote command (under hwid check)
    • It isn't good for the server as it encourages people to stay AFK
  2. 2. Medal rewards

    • They are good and well thought
    • They could be improved by adding/removing items or changing price on things
    • The rewards should be purely cosmetic to not affect the gameplay

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Hello there, I want to see the opinion of the users on this event, in my opinion is not a well balanced event, it shouldn't be just removed but improved.

I think the method of obtaining medals is not the best, and about the rewards, some of them are not necessarily the best. I think the rewards should be focused to lower level players (C-B grade) and exp rewards, also, some cosmetics could be a good idea, but you can already get them in the donation shop.

Thank you for your time and your vote/opinions.


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I think this event would be best if instead of promoting to log and being afk you actually have to rather vote or kill mobs/quest to get them. Atm there are too many AFK people and this is not good for the server. In the long run people will start leaving because:

1) People who can leave 2-3 PCS with 3 accounts each vs people that is not sick enough to do that will have a huge advantage over the others.

2) Adding mats/enchats as reward is not good. We prefer to have manor or a properly working stakato (and others) mats quest.

3) This is NOT retail and should not be a forever and ever event.

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It is totally crap.
It encurages ppl to just have characters logged.
Even I barely play anmore since I know I get already reward by AFKing.... it's like mobile games.
Additionally is it a waste of energy. ppl let their PC run all day/night to collect medals.

I assume this event has been introduced to have a stable "online characters" that the owners can brag with.

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