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Other eq limit

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When you have 80/80 items in eq, I can still pick one more item to have 81/80

Then when I have 81/80 items start to drop on the ground.

Also when I use skill Summon Treasure Key, I can have more than my max limit... I had 83/80.

I think when you are 80/80 you should not be able to get more than that.

The items should drop on the ground. But what will happen when u use summon treasure key skill in town? Will it hit the ground or what?


Btw, can u make soulshots retail like weight ?? I think I haven't been overweighted since I started playing here. And I think overweight should be a thing...

Im carrying 10k ssc everytime and I have 40% overweight... I think it should be fixed to become retail-like, because skills/buff like weight limit are useless

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