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Changelog #10

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- Fixed attack range of Judge of Light
- Sin Eater is now correctly getting Experience
- Talons of Stakato in Clean Up The Swamp of Screams quest, will now drop correctly even if you have more of them than 100
- Recharge can now be used on your pet/summon
- Pets can now use items when their owner is attacking, using skills, blocked etc
- Fixed percent of hunger, that pet food is filling
- Fixed overweight penalty in pets
- Fixed visual bug of pet speed which seemed to always be the same
- Fixed issue with Seven Signs period sometimes not changing at the right time
- Fixed amount of quest items given by monsters in Trial Of the Guildsman quest
- Added missing Orator of Revelations & Preacher of Doom spawns
- It is now possible to craft items for yourself, while having Private Store
- Fixed Cargo Service, which wasn't always showing characters on the account

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