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Changelog #12

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- Players no longer teleport to different level of location unexpectedly
- Fixed rare issue because of which Seven Signs monsters were teleported to the surface
- Fixed missing html in quest Inhabitants Of The Forest Of The Dead
- Cursed Weapons should now drop freely
- Fixed issue of buffs hidden by herbs, sometimes not coming back
- Now chance of dropping items from monsters when level difference is high, is decreased at correct rate
- It's no longer possible to cancel skill casting of epic boss
- Monsters in Caron's Dungeon, Den of Evil, Pavel Ruins, Archaic Labolatory, Sky Wagon Relic, Plunderous Plains, Brigand Stronghold now have drop/spoil list from Gracia Final
- Added Critical Hit sound when blow skill is successful
- Added new rule to not allow inactive clans own/capture a castle    
- Dion, Gludio, Aden, Giran, Oren, Innadril, Goddard castles returned to the NPC

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