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Inactive / Alternative clan

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there was update of server rules - Gameplay abuse

I would like to know definition of
1. Inactive Clan
2. Alternative Clans
in order to obey the law. Pls specify on what terms you decide about clan status.

Situational case:
As a supportive CP we managed to invite few friends to join a server. As long as they are so called weaklings they wont be able to join main clan. We would like to invite them to our Alt clan so they can enjoy the game on their way. They are now 8. In addition we got like 4 more ppl playing on their own.Their characters were in iClan, but due to box-castle drama, they lost their castle that they took with us together over 2 weeks ago. As a summary - There will be over 12 ppl playing activly on daily basis in our Alt clan.
Will they be able to get a castle?
Will they be able to get a clan hall?
Are they going to be punished because we are their friends?

LF answer @nekys


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Seems like an active clan with a good alliance and strong friends. I dont see a problem owning a Castle. I think @nekys would think the same. I dont know how we reached to a point where owning a second castle is forbidden. As DoomSquad we had Aden - Oren - Rune at some point. 

I understand (kinda) the casual community and how this feels for a casual gamer, but its not how L2 works. The community thinks that with a combined force of 300 players can make Nekys tweak some stuff in the game. But all they achieved was to make nekys seem like the bad guy.

All i see is that the community wants to play "safe" until they get S grade. That brings back alot of memories. I hope things will change until the next siege weekend. I cant imagine what will happen when territory wars take place and a zerg gets all flags. Will "the community" make polls then? Does "taking all flags" differ from taking all castles or its the same thing? If its part of the game why cry about it? 

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Not in a hurry because sieges were just yday. I just want to know the answer because we want to buy CH for them for faster progress @nekys

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